General Submissions:

Send your finished project to:  [email protected]

In the attachments, please include:
1) A text document with a short bio, an artist statement, and your online portfolio and social links. We accept statements of any length or format. Your submitted text must be ready for publication.
2) 8-15 images at 1000 pixels wide, saved for web (72 dpi).

Please do not:

  • Send WeTransfer links, PDF stories or high resolution images unless specifically requested by our editors.
  • Submit fashion or beauty editorials.

Submissions that do not follow these requirements will not be considered.
Thank you!

By submitting to the Archive Collective you agree to comply with our
Terms and Conditions. 

For Ongoing Collaborations:

To apply as a regular editor at Archive Collective Magazine, or to present a project that will span over several issues, please contact us at [email protected]

We are currently looking for curators within these domains:

✓Digital Art and Culture
✓ Documentary film and photography
✓ Experimental Music
✓ Writing / Poetry
✓ Cultural News and Events

For curatorial positions, please include links to your personal blog/rss/website, or, a selection of curated material that will give us an idea of your creative tastes and interests.

Please note that curatorial positions are at an internship level only. 



  • AMAZING! I’d love to take part in this!

  • Hello!

    Sounds great, are you still accepting submissions?


    John Gribben

  • Thanks for the feature on Instagram! I would love to submit some work for a chance to be apart of future issues.

  • omg!! I would like very much to join on the team 😀

  • Hello!
    I like it !
    Are you interested in any kinds of art?

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I visited your website and really like your project so much that I would like to present my work in case you feel that is a good idea to include my work into your project.

    I was born and raised in Athens. I am 24 years old and I am a visual artist. My approach towards the art is through experimental ways of expression and I believe that art should not rise above contemporary problems or be tamed in order to assure its self-preservation. My artistic imprint is formed by personal experiences that are transformed into an artistic alphabet with a distinct symbolic character. The themes that have been the main core of my interest are related to the notion of time.Like the impermanence, the frailty and the vulnerability of every living thing that inevitably leads to decay. The decomposition that can be transformed and regenerated into something new through redefinition. Memory, that includes the knowledge of the past, the consciousness of the present and the claim of the future and its loss, the emptiness that is characterized by latency or endless repetition with no chance of improvement. The materials that she is working with are used and old everyday, common objects of low value, archive files and natural materials.

    Here you can take a look:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    Sophia Preka

  • Cool, are you still accepting submissions?


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