A Glimpse into Ge L’Heureux’s Playful “Slow Art”

Montreal artist Ge L’Heureux’s multifaceted work merges painting, illustration, installation, ecological art, and writing.

Ge L’Heureux is a visual artist based in Montreal. Her artistic practice, essentially two-dimensional, is in line with the concept of Slow Art, a movement responding to ecological questions of aesthetic. Between traditional media and digital art, her art questions the frantic rush in which human society is engaged. The evolution of biodiversity, eco-anxiety and habitat are recurring themes in her work.

Giving an important place to details, Ge L’Heureux works on forms and the notion of repetition. She marks time through writing, transposes her reflections through drawing and painting. Her compositions evoke a universe of imaginary environments with vivid colors, where the elements of nature take on a singular configuration. This game of unexpected pictorial reorganization gives rise to various abbreviated and intriguing illustrations, reflecting his eccentric universe. The abstraction in her works is a means of revealing, unmasking, in all preciousness.

L’Heureux is also interested in how she can turn to a production method that is more respectful of the environment, eliminating any dependence on large suppliers and adapting her artistic practice to the materials that are available locally at the time of creation. Thus, the mediums she uses are mostly home-made, using raw materials obtained in an thoughtful and sustainable manner. This approach allows an awareness of the origin of the materials, as well as an understanding of their value and impact, re-establishing a close link with nature.

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Gallery images by Isabel Sénéchal