Home Series: William Schaeuble

HOME explores projects responding to the themes of domestic rituals, lived spaces and isolation during the COVID19 lockdown. In this series, artists and photographers around the world sent us their outlooks on living, connecting and creating during this period of social distancing.

William Schaeuble is a painting student at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

“Because of the pandemic, the school got shut down, I lost my studio and headed back to my family’s home in rural Iowa, where I grew up. Since I’ve been out of the city I decided to take advantage of being on the land I grew up on and work on a project using the pure imagery of home, land and nature.  While being home my available materials have been significantly cut down to the basics of pencils, pens and ink with just paper to work on. So far I’ve made around 40-50 drawings with much more to come. The ultimate goal is to turn the series of drawings into a book. I’m using this time to get back to where I came from and let my hometown surroundings take over.”