LS XI: Vistas Paradossales

Luca Tombolini on time and space.

Luca Tombolini’s latest series juxtaposes macro and micro landscapes, finding wonder in the passage of time as mapped on physical spaces.

“Vistas is composed of multiple exposures shots and high resolution scans of colors & solvents compositions; dealing respectively with the perception of Time and the perception of Space. As a continuation of my previous landscape works, I aimed to create images presenting altered temporal dimensions, through the use of multiple and/or very long exposures. That is to suggest that the nature of what we feel as the flowing of Time is more likely to be a seperate entity which doesn’t share the same qualities that we
naturally perceive, and of which we cannot get to understanding at the moment. Similarly, the high resolution scans brings to our sight a scale of dimension, the very small Space, our eyes didn’t evolve to see. Yet I’ve tried to find in that micro space the same aesthetic qualities I normally seek in a landscape”.

Luca Tombolini is an Italian self taught photographer, born 1979 in Milan. He works with large format photography, focusing on landscapes and poetic visions of the natural world.

“I started photographing landscapes following a desire I couldn’t put into words, like a subliminal fascination. I then followed my need for that kind of natural environment, which is the closest evidence I found to a-temporality and participation with the Universe. I see them as a possibility of connecting to a greater entity, from which we generated but that in nowadays society we live oblivious of being part of it. Being alone in those remote areas is a very humbling experience, it helps my mind to create a meditative suspension over the reality I perceive; cultural occurrences fade away leaving an apparent void which I try to fill with shapes and colors of my photographic play”.

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