Danyelle Farrell: Declaration of Independence

A look at the changing landscape in the home of Brexit.

On June 23rd, 2016, the constituents of Boston and Skegness recorded the highest vote for Brexit in the country, with 75.6 per cent voting to leave the European Union. In March 2019, the result will be (one way or another) honoured and the UK will no longer be part of the EU.

Over the past four years, Social Documentary Photographer, Danyelle Rolla, has been documenting the residents of Boston and Skegness. Through intense participant research, she has produced a collection of images that document the struggles the constituency has face leading to their European scepticism. Escalating immigration and increased demand on public services have resulted in a divided. This intimate project explores issues that are reflected throughout Europe which have resulted in a sense of lost identity and an increase of nationalism.

The project is set inside homes and spaces in both Boston and Skegness. All participants are from various countries, including; UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The work includes portraiture, street photography and candid imagery. This unique visual representation of Brexit and its effect has been shot over a four-year time period.

Danyelle Farrell (ROLLA) is a Liverpool-born social documentary photographer whose practice explores the contemporary British class system and its mis/representation. Focusing on empowering the average, Danyelle uses playful presentation, aimed at engaging nontraditional audiences, to document the everyday and challenge stereotypes employed by the media that so often demonise the working class.

See more of her work on her website.
Local paper reports of crisis within the National Health Service due to the increase of demand from service users.
Port of Boston once embraced it relations with the European Union and celebrated its partnership.
Skinhead dancing at a Ska Themed night in The Gliderdrome Club in Boston.
Adjectives escalate as the pressure on local government resources continue to be stretched beyond capability
A town elder, playing bingo in the bingo hall. Happy to take a risk.
Eastern European workers harvesting the land at first light.
With the increase of the economical migrant workers, local residents’ express concerns regarding their and the towns lost identity. They are reassured by local authorities.
Supports from the local football club hang banners affirming their identity.
A youth watching his local team on match day.
Boston’s landscape has played a crucial in shaping the town. Mass agricultural space means lots of land work.
UKIP Counsellors begin to campaign in the market place promoting Vote Leave