Igor Omulecki: Mikado

A playful series merging sculpture, collage and photography.

In his mixed-media series Mikado, Polish artist Igor Omulecki constructs and photographs layered sculptures that play with form, colour and texture.

“As an artist, I make a continuous effort to get vividly in touch, through my creative practice, with the stream of reality. Guided by intuition, I react to the surrounding world and respond to it with the form I give to my works. The constraints of the photographic medium are a perfect manifestation of the finitude of my creative and cognitive abilities. It is in this limitation of ability where my contact with the infinite feels the most intense.”

Born in Łódź, Poland, in 1973, Igor Omulecki lives and works in Warsaw. His artistic stance is influenced by the Łódź post avant-garde scene, as he bore witness to some of the most significant events in Polish conceptual art that took place in Łódź in the 1980s and 1990s. He has been working in the photographic arts and experimental film since 1998, and recently turned his interest towards conceptual art. Omulecki currently works with leading cultural institutions in Poland, including galleries and magazines, and has won multiple awards for his creative work.

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