George Marazakis: A Cure For Anthropocene

George Marazakis’ series “A Cure For Anthropocene” features otherworldly visions of a post apocalyptic landscape.

“If we assume that humanity, and by extension, human civilization is a product of nature, an external observer could describe it as an autoimmune disease attacking its own body. However, what it would considered as a disease  is our very existence and the cure, the  ecological movement, does not aim at the «salvation of the planet» but at the salvation of human existence on the planet. Humanity’s impact  on Earth’s geology is so crucial that the 11650 years old Holocene, the current Geological epoch, is proposed to replaced by a new one called Anthropocene, from the Greek word «anthropos» for human.”

George Marazakis born in 1976 in Creta Island Greece where he  lives with his wife and their son. He studied Mechanical Engineering  and  works for the Greek Ministry of Justice.