Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff- SONGE (A MIDSUMMER’S DREAM)

Poetic images of daylight and moonlight.

Anne-Sophie Soudoplatoff is a young photographer and videographer based in Paris. After a Master’s degree in Cinema, she graduated from Gobelins School of the Image in 2015 in photography. She is currently working on freelance photo and video projects.

“Songe – A midsummer’s Dream is a form of visual poem. On a dreamy night both warm and cold, light unveils the sensitive and wondering soul of a wanderer.

In my photographs, I focus on nocturnal and solar light. In my view, light from the sun or the moon unveils the innermost, mysterious facets of beings, shrouding them in dreams. When editing my images, I let latent echoes between them emerge and try to tell a story by juxtaposing them.”

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