Takeover Recap: 3 Photographers Inspired by the Natural Landscapes Around Them

A round-up of the 3 featured photographers on our Instagram account in August.

Things have been a little quiet here on the Archive Collective web-front, as we prepare our second print issue, Impact, along with The Earth Issue. But the creative juices have been flowing freely on our Instagram account, where three landscape photographers kept us inspired all month with images of the natural world around them. Laura Hendricks creates magical photo-based collages by merging scenes from her surroundings in Utah, Francesco Romero explores the intersection between nature and architecture in European cities, while Henrik Emtkjær Hansen shows us the mysterious beauty of his home in Ribe, Denmark. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with their work, and give them a follow on Instagram to stay updated on their future projects:

Laura Hendricks

Laura Hendricks is an American photographic artist currently living and working in Utah.  Her current work involves creating photo collages, both digital and analog. She captures interesting elements in nature (often skies and landscapes) from two different locations and combines them to create a single image. The end result is often other-worldly, but strangely believable. These photo combinations are meant to remind people how they feel, instead of what they see, when witnessing spectacular, natural landscapes and scenes.

Francesco Romero

Francesco Romero is a former musician and producer whose current artistic output is photography. He is fascinated by the dystopic aspect of everyday life, and likes to decontextualize details, landscapes, architecture, allowing them to stand alone as alien images.

Henrik Emtkjær Hansen