Iggy Smalls – NEVERLAND

A series blurring the lines between real and artificial.

“Neverland” is a location invented by author Author J.M. Barry for his drama play and novels and famously known as the home of Peter Pan. Neverland and its inhabitants are often seen as metaphors for escapism, immortality and refusal to grow up.

This project rejects the possibility of a photograph or a photographer capturing “the truth”; despite objectivity on our side. Not only could a photographer’s presence influence the resulting pictures, but by always being forced to choose and crop, the truth can never be told in its entirety. Audio and audiovisuals may be superior tools for objectively documenting while photos alone leave something to the imagination.

These photos are intended to make the viewer question what is staged or otherwise manipulated and what truly, coincidentally, happened.

Iggy Smalls is a photographer and image maker based in Barcelona with an interest in the concept of truth and fiction. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Photography & Imaging from Ringling College of Art + Design in 2015 and received Arts Council Norway Miscellaneous Scholarship for Newly Graduated Artists in 2016. Iggy has had her images exhibited in Florida, Nepal, Costa Rica and Belgium and selected by Redux, British Journal of Photography, AI-AP, Feature Shoot, Format, Humble Arts Foundation and Der Greif, among others.

See more of Iggy's work on her website.