Luca Baldini – PLASTIC TIMES

A photo-diary contemplating the role of plastic aesthetics in contemporary culture.

The internal conflict between the cynical business world of fashion and advertising, and the artist’s aesthetic identity, led photographer Luca Baldini to develop this project, “Tempi di Plastica (Plastic Times).

Luca Baldini was born in 1994 in the province of Naples. As a teenager he decided to move to Milan and study photography at IIF (Italian Institute of Photography). After two years he started work as studio assistant or assistant photo- grapher while doing some personal works as freelance photographer and videomaker.

“Plastic Times is a an ongoing project, a sort of diary, an informal will for present and future generations. The main purpose of the project is to document my daily experience, during first months of 2017, after a period of personal depression induced by a strong sense of uncertainty typical of the “Y generation.” So-called millennials, grow in the ambiguous paradox between vintage trends and the infinite potentialities of the digital world.

The aesthetics of the work follows a contemporary photographic urban style  a sort of photo avant-garde. My aim is to almost neurotically attribute the right weight to everything. Its own importance, its own place: the content of the photo must have the same weight as its context. The narration is characterized by a persistent but subtle irony that easily veers towards the grotesque.”

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