“Displacement, or a dissociation from place, occurs when the thinking self and physical self become estranged.”

Audrey Molloy (b. Würzburg,1993) is a photo-based artist, writer, and occasional performance artist. She received her B.F.A. from the University of Arizona in 2015 where she studied digital photography, critical art theory, and video art. Most recently, Audrey was chosen as a 2016 Scholarship Artist in Residence at Pump Project in Austin, TX. She currently lives and works in Nashville, TN as a freelance arts writer.

Interested in the limitations and constructs that contemporary photography presents psychologically and formally, her work engages ideas of medium specificity, digital fallacy, and postmodern narratives.

I have to excuse myself from an 8:05 am tour of early early-modern-important-objects (?) because I notice that a mouth shaped circle of flesh is peeling off my arm to reveal iridescent plasma layers. Yesterday, and, pink is the new millennial color they said.

I recall that Jamie’s white plastic dome shaped vestibule for hard boiling eggs, the one on the kitchen counter? steamed the underside of my arm before I left. A shiny wet circle of skin remains.

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ie: The photograph is affixed to the wall by three clear plastic tacks and interrupts a seam in the wall. It is the only photograph hanging on the white wall. Four inches below the photograph is a note in pencil stating; “BUNDLES OF – CONDENSED WRAPPED PRECIOUS SMALL -”

ie; we both licked the inside of the Chimay Butter wrapper until all remains of salt and fat and dairy were conceivably gone.

Cake Shoulder Lipstick Red

ie; she’s dragging the toes of her boat like orthopedic sneakers across the laminate, inching her wheelchair closer to me, indiscriminately.. ” But I haven’t got a comb “. Her arm levitates shakily up from the mass of terry cloth, producing an invisible pink plastic tool for such purposes. I grasp the outline of the comb, making wide sweeping gestures over her head.

***A notice on the wall reminds us that prefabricated parts of the body of the machine may be called ‘sub-assemblies’ to distinguish them from the other components.

Displacement, or a dissociation from place, occurs when the thinking self and physical self become estranged. This inability to feel “located” is conditional for a contemporary experience of daily life, where our negotiation of real and temporal spaces is constantly in flux.

Interested in the limitations and constructs of contemporary photography, Manufacturing Site (2016-17) parses the medium’s technical discourse to construct hyper-realized environments, disclose digital fallacies, and disrupt authentic space, as a method for engaging in an aestheticized image of physical and psychological estrangement.

See more of Molloy's work on her website.

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