Irene Tondelli – 1CELAND

“When I get lost in life, my cure is to get lost in nature.”

“I like the greek word “theoros”, spectator, that primarily means looking at things, whether with the eyes and with the mind. I try to look at the world with this kind of mood, see and think about a place at the same time, to enter in a close relation with what I’m observing. I think that in many cases it’s what makes a photograph an image destined to last through time.

When I get lost in life, my cure is to get lost in nature.
1celand is a series about my trip in Iceland, I slept in tent, cooked in the camp stove and travelled by car all around the island.
It’s a work about the human relation with Mother Earth, the contrast between open wide spaces and residential areas, the freedom to rediscover naiveté.
It has been a very intimate journey, in these open lands I found magic, strength, fear, peacefulness, mixed and intense feelings that I hope I have reflected in my pictures.

I think that feeling unarmed and tiny towards nature, it’s in a certain way, really reassuring, it makes you taste something bigger and powerful than you, it brings you closer to infinite.”

Irene Tondelli is an art director and reportage-travel photographer based in the north of Italy.

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