The Earth Issue and Archive Collective present: ‘Age of Man’ by Form&Seek

‘Age of Man’ will be exhibited and sold throughout April 4th-10th at Milan Design Week.


There is a growing consensus today that we are living in an age where the earth has been so deeply impacted by humanity that a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene – needs to be declared. The Anthropocene, or the ‘Age of Man’ is believed to have begun in the year 1950, and can be visualized as a distinct and heavy footprint on the earth. Furthermore, this footprint has been etched and defined by the prickly residues of our industrialization, technological advancement, and rampant consumer culture.

This realization has triggered a growing awareness in our society, with a focus on the consequences of our actions. And among those who are reflecting on their roles most deeply today, are designers and artists.

Going one step further than reflection and response, they are in fact using this awareness as a springboard for new, progressive design aimed for the future. They are seizing this opportunity to shift attitudes and cultures, to work most efficiently and globally, with open-borders, and to use familiar technology in new and thought-provoking ways.

The Earth Issue presents our newest collaboration with Archive Collective and Form&Seek: a sub-issue dedicated to highlighting the designers and artists showcasing their work at Milan Design Week 2017 in response to the ‘Age of Man.’

‘’In a response to the growing awareness of the consequences of our actions we think that as designers we can play a leading role in shaping our future attitudes towards natural resources, production processes and the consumption of goods.’’ –

Written by Purva Chawla, Founder & Editor at MaterialDriven
Issue design by Dipo Kayode-Osi

The Earth Issue 001 publication and our newly designed sub-publication ‘Age of Man’ are being exhibited and sold throughout April 4th-10th at Milan Design Week.

FormAndSeek designer Naama Agassi, courtesy of

“It is interesting how we feel about the material environment around us–what kind of connection do we have with it? Do we distant it all from ourselves, or do we see our bodies in integrity with the shapes and materials of Earth?” – Marija Puipaité (Designer)

Form and Seek designer Ben Branagan. Image courtesy of