Creators We Love: Sustainable Fashion Brand SHOHEI

SHOHEI focuses on the traditional craft of garment making, whilst also blending in technology to create organic but smart designs.

SHOHEI is a ready-to-wear fashion-label creating womens and menswear as well as accessories. Focusing on high-quality products with a minimal, futuristic and edgy approach to desgin. SHOHEI focuses on traditional craft of garment making, whilst also blending technology into the design to create a label which is organic but smart.

Using sustainable, technologically advanced textiles as well as fabrics utilised in sportswear, Shohei strikes a delicate balance between playfulness and functionality.

The brand has been created in early 2016 with its debut collection showcased during Paris fashion week. Founded between the Austrian CEO & Creative Director Lisa Pek, and the Japanese CFO Shohei Yamamoto.

CEO Lisa Pek is a former graduate of the University of the Arts London / LCF fashion & technology menswear, who previously had been working on projects for Vivienne Westwood GOLDLABEL and Vivienne Westwood MAN as well as for a big Japanese fashion-house based in Tokyo. CFO Shohei Yamamoto is a graduate of Tokyo University MA economics, was an IT-consultant of Accenture / Tokyo previously and currently works as finance assistant manager at COACH New York / Tokyo.

SHOHEI is a Japanese male-name, meaning “World Peace.”

The brand produces all its products in Europe and Japan, using sustainable, organic or technological innovative textiles produced in Europe.

SHOHEI’s SS17 collection, “Conservation of Mind” is inspired by the fact how people interact within different cultural backgrounds and the existence of certain barriers between language expression, body-language, and mimics. Choosing conservative colours, such as royal blue, red, white and gold to symbolize the idea of a conservative-mind-core of each culture. SS17 will be available online on SHOHEI’s web-store.

Lisa and Shohei welcome you to their show at Paris Fashion Week, at Palais de la Bourse (1st floor) from 3-6 March 2017

View more on the SHOHEI website.




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