Luca Tombolini – LS 2011-2016

Italian photographer Luca Tombolini ponders human consciousness and the cosmos, through the practice of large scale landscape photography.

“The dawn of mankind, a time with no rationality. An ancestor contemplating the cosmos perceives the necessity of a divinity. The Second Cosmogony takes place along with the miracle of self-thinking consciousness. In that moment he knows he exists for a reason; he’s got the significative element and this had found a way to reveal itself to him. Conscious and Unconscious unite in the creation of the Self.”

Luca Tombolini was born 1979 in Milan. He completed humanistic studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on visual rhetoric in Cinema in 2005. While completing his degree in humanities, communications and cinema, he was introduced to photography and started experimenting with large format cameras. He is self taught in the practice of large format photography. Since 2011, he has been perfecting his technique of drum scanning and printing landscape images large-scale.

Luca Tombolini was published on our Earth Issue. Buy a copy here. 

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