Elizabeth Fleur Willis – GAIA

Elizabeth Fleur Willis’ environmentalist poetry was published in our Earth Issue and performed live at the issue launch in London.

Elizabeth Willis is a London based photographer, painter and curator who has worked with the Gagosian and Stephen Friedman Gallery. She performed her environmentalist themed poetry at our Earth Issue launch.

GAIA invite me to you your house some time
Let me drink all your mums wine
Take everything she owns like it’s fine
Fuck her shit up like there’s no crime here 

Well you wouldn’t want me to do that to your mother
Is that because who she is and what she owns has worth?
Well then don’t do this shit to the earth
The earth is your mother and you should treat her better 

Don’t cut down her trees just so you can make some P’s
And melt her ice caps because your more concerned with iced frapp
-uccino, it’s mean though
The way you buy things and then throw 

Them away, like old trash, new day
New craze and yet what’s crazy
Is your utter lack of respect
And care 

For what is there and will be there forever
Mother Earth
Your mother and mind
Till the end of time

So start treating her the way you’d treat your own mum
Or it will be too late
And the life you and I know
Will be gone, done. 

Elizabeth Willis was featured in The Earth Issue. Purchase a copy here.

See more on her website.