EARTH ISSUE Exhibits: Ram Vafa’s environmentalist paintings at Tea Leaf London

Vafa’s solo exhibition opens on February 16th, and will be on show until March 26th.

Environmentalist artist Ram Vafa, as part of the Earth Issue collective, will be presenting his first solo exhibition at the Tea Leaf London. The show opens on February 16th and will be on show until March 26th.

Ram Vafa was born in 1991 in Bournemouth, England where he now lives and works. His first solo show is a demonstration of self-expression in its rawest form. Using the relationship between painting and his own observation of the natural world as a starting point, Vafa seeks to inform our view of the intersection between art and environment. His paintings pay testament to his role as a “passenger in the process of life;” inviting us to experience Vafa’s lucid transformation of the innate truths of his surroundings and experiences into physical creations. The enigmatic and ethereal quality of the work challenges the viewer to contemplate his or her own emotional consciousness.

Employing traditional craftsmanship using simple forms, his work falls somewhere in-between abstract painting and the ‘Arts & Crafts Movement.’

Each work is realized entirely by the hand of the artist, from the frame to the painting.

Follow Ram Vafa's work on his Etsy and his Instagram account.