Kostas Kapsianis – A COMMON STORY

Kostas Kapsianis explores the Greek countryside, contemplating matters of rural identity and belonging, in the photo-documentary “A Common Story”

A Common Story is a journey of return to the Greek countryside, a revival of images stemmed from a simple narrative instinct.

“Internal migration, images, memories and escape.
Where do we come from? To what extent do we really remember a place we left behind?
What drives a man to escape the countryside, or to stay behind?
The one who stays/remains becomes a witness of the past expectations and the current reality
Walking the line between utopia an dystopia with his own individual efforts, shaping the landscape.
The landscape becomes a land, a land of promise and a forced feeling of ancestry and nostalgia prevails in his narration.
Hoping, believing and living by counting absences.”

Kostas Kapsianis was born  and raised in Athens. He studied  photography at the “Photographic Circle”, in Athens, Greece. He is a founding member of “kollectiv8,” which inhabits the urban and social landscapes of the economic crisis in his home country.

His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions and festivals, including Mois De La Photo in Paris, Athens Photo Festival, European Month of Photography in Budapest, Medphoto, Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art and Fotoistanbul. Furthemore, he has exhibited his photographs in  Benaki Museum (Athens), Lieu BOZAR-Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels) and several galleries in Europe.

See more of Kapsianis' work on his website.