Archive Mixtape: DONNA LUETJEN

Berlin based Donna Luetjen made us a super-smooth and atmospheric mixtape – perfect listening for a sleepy Winter afternoon.

Berlin based Donna Luetjen made us a super-smooth and atmospheric mixtape – perfect listening for a sleepy Winter afternoon. Blending ambient, classic, melodic and experimental sounds, Final Grey weaves together a calming soundscape that drifts through your mind like waves.

“I grew up in a studio full of the finest hi-fis and stereos. Since it was family business, I was responsible for the music / CD Department from the age of 12. Whenever a new load of fresh music arrived in the store I took piles and piles with me in my room. I listened to everything. Any kind of music. It just needed to have this special kind of vibe, this kind of longing for something, deep and sweet. Recently i call the vibe: Dig& Fly..digging into the ground while listening; being one with the earth, while the other part of me flies to the sky. Writing down these words sounds a little pathetic. But I am not scared of Pathos in music. It gives me power.”

More of Donna Luetjen's mixes on her Soundcloud

Further listening: one of Donna Luetjen’s older mixes, Menschenhaufen

“The Menschenhaufen Mix happened while we, a circle of friends met, just for the sake of being with each other. Every now and then it happens that we fall over and into each other, just for the warmth that comes with making this pile of people.”