Mert Acar Explores Rural Turkey Through Photography

An explorative investigation into rural land-use, and the relationship between people and their natural or lived environments.

“In my photos, man-made surroundings are juxtaposed with natural landscapes. Exploration plays a big part in my photographic practice. I usually go out and drive to find somewhere that makes me want to stop and shoot. Currently, I’m living in my birthplace, Ankara, and exploring its rural areas with a new visual approach. My works are not focused on local narratives or documentaries. They are more about how people transform, reshape and modify land. In my opinion altered rural landscapes look visually similar and most of the time one just can’t simply say where or when a photo was taken.”

Mert Arar (B.1989) is an artist and a research assistant based in Ankara. He received BA in Graphics in 2012, and is currently completing a MFA while doing research about the landscape genre in photography. His works have been exhibited in 3 group and 2 solo exhibitions.

See more of his image on his portfolio.