Coming-of-Age in Small Town Louisiana

Photographer Ransom Ashley returns to his hometown to document the emotional roller-coaster experience of teenagehood, in his latest body of work, “Virgins.”

Photographer Ransom Ashley‘s new body of work, Virgins offers a glimpse into the emotional transitions between childhood and adulthood, in his hometown in Louisiana. With a signature cinematic quality infused into his images, he explores the relevance of both isolation and identity as formative factors within the teenage experience. The series features his closest friends and family and is inspired by his own coming-of-age experiences; in its creation he allowed the memories and psychological currents of his adolescence to finally have their moment within his timelessly colorful and nostalgic photographs.

“We were up to nothing but in search of everything.”

Aside from being a photographer, Ransom Ashley is also an actor and cinematographer, based in Shreveport, LA . He has been exhibited at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and Masur Museum of Art, among others, and his photography has been featured in select publications such as Parallel Magazine, Ignant, Metal Magazine, and Dazed and Confused.

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