Xuebing DU Merges Photography and Design in “First Photography Book”

First Photography Book reorganizes her personal projects, shot between 2014 and 2016, into a 3-part series of works: Color, Plant Love and Texture.

Xuebing DU’s First Photography Book artfully brings together photography and editorial design. It reorganizes her personal projects, shot between 2014 and 2016, into a 3-part series of works: Color, Plant Love and Texture.

In the Color series, Xuebing explored both portrait and landscapes, with the majority of the work shot during various road trips. “Overall I was inspired to create this series because color is everywhere in our daily life and I wanted to capture these colourful images of beautiful people and locations as I experience them.”

For the Plant Love series, she photographs plants that appear soft, and gentle but nonetheless embody a powerful image. “I explored different shapes and forms I saw throughout nature. I always try to present the plants or leaves as if they were growing wild in a jungle lush with vegetation.”

With the Texture series Xuebing draws inspiration from the elements of nature as well as visual art such as paintings and drawings. “I went through the technical process of transforming the original photos into something completely different. I think this a continuation of when I used to do fashion portraits- when I photographed my friends and transformed them from their regular selves.”

Xuebing DU is a visual designer, and photographer. She is currently pursuing M.F.A. in Web design & New Media at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

“I feel excited when certain places or people give me a feeling of déjà vu; it’s in those moments that I try to capture and store the most beautiful memory.”

Xuebing’s work spans across a variety of different subjects, although her main interests lies in subjects related to fashion and fine-art direction. “I’ve drawn inspiration from these various subjects throughout my life, and currently I’m particularly drawn to nature, texture and color.”

Follow her latest work on Instagram and Behance.

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  • Xuebing DU is such a phenomenal photographer, its amazing to see her work in a print medium.

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