Issue 6 | ORIGINS

In this issue 31 artists share their perspectives and thoughts on the topic of ‘Origins’.

Issue 6 | ORIGINS

For our sixth issue, we decided to take our editorial approach in a new direction.
31 participants in an array of artistic fields from photography to illustration and design, were asked to respond to the topic of Origins.
We were interested in unravelling the idea of “sources:” starting points, genesis, roots, emergence, conception. What associations do these words evoke for different people? What memories do they trigger?
Rather than curating a selection, each entry was included in the final publication. We were curious to see how the different interpretations would interact within a shared space, and whether new discourses would emerge from their juxtaposition.
The responses were, as we had expected, extremely varied. But stringing them all together was a certain nostalgia, a longing to reconnect with the freshness of dawn.

To move forward, let’s go back to the beginning.

Read the issue here. 

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Agustin M. Rejon  | Alison Postma
George Griefy | Blake Kathryn
Jamie Knowlton | Sasha Tivetsky
Michelle Groskopf | Ioanna Chronopoulou
Alba Giertz | Natalia Shlyakhovaya 
Matina Nikolaidou | Cara Harman
Valentin Fougeray | Adrienne Darnell
Camille Rouzaud | Nicolo Canova
Natalie Mavrota | Bella Provan
Bethany Lambrou | Celeste Ortiz
Mariana Rocha | Jane Rainey  | Talia Smith
Pin Han Lim | Orfeas Sampatakakis
Mac Lawrence | Samantha Sealy
Cailean Couldridge | Carlo Massarutto
Jackie Rios | Ricardo Vázquez

Image on the cover: George Griefy