Photographer Anna Hahoutoff is traveling through every state in America in search of the “Americana” aesthetic, documenting her experiences along the way.

“I flew to America last year with a visa in my passport and a one way ticket in my hand.
I had plans to stay for two months, visiting a few friends on the west coast and brainstorming ideas for work.
Seven months later I was still here, drawing an exciting adventure across the country.”

Russian born photographer Anna Hahoutoff grew up with a fascination for the American imagery she came across in commercials, movies or popular culture. Everything seemed visually appealing, carefully placed, as if waiting for a photograph to be taken. A trip to the USA last year finally allowed her intrigue to materialize into a photographic project, when she decided to travel through the country accompanied by her camera and her relentless curiosity.

“I started a project called Americana, in which I am spending time in every single American state. I am thoroughly documenting my time there, creating a photographic series in which I play with repetitions in order to describe the rhythm of my experience in the state.”

In what soon became her core work, Anna Hohoutoff reveals the beauty and efficiency of the American-Dream imagery. Shooting almost exclusively in digital and color, Anna’s photographs explore the textures, shapes and colors that contribute to the fabric of the “Americana” aesthetic.

Anna Hahoutoff is a Russian photographer born in 1993. She is currently based in America, where she is working on big scale photo project documenting the American states. Very much influenced by American and mass consumption visual history, Anna’s works pertains to pop culture, icons, dictatorship’s imagery. Hahoutoff is an active member of the Live Wild collective, she’s been working as a photographer for the past two years.

Follow her Americana project here.

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