Miguel Rózpide Pazó Recreates the Carefree Abandon of Youth in his “Kids” Editorial

“The glances, the landscape, two colors, the natural environment, the artifice of the human personalities and the artifice of a camera.”


Emptiness. Strangers. Humans.

“The glances, the landscape, two colors, the natural environment, the artifice of the personalities and the artifice of a camera. Through these snapshots I am ready to show you the way three total strangers react to three different things: the roll they were assigned, the clothing and a completely new situation. Everything is part of a process, the process of meeting each other, sharing interests, producing some physical contact, touching one another, feeling the mutual gazes, overcoming the cold and uncomfortable silences, starting to laugh at any banality, pretending that you look like the others much more than you actually do. Everything is part of the process, all in all, of being human.”

Miguel Rózpide Pazó, born in 1997 in Pontevedra, Spain, is a young photographer who is especially dedicated to street photography and analog captures. His passion for photography runs in his family: his career began when he inherited his father’s old Nikon several years ago. Since then, he has been passionately attempting to immortalize different moments of his life through his camera lens. His latest creative endeavours include the founding of Analogue Vibes, a magazine dedicated to the promotion of film photography and analog processes. Say hi and keep up with his ongoing projects on his Instagram feed, @Fotophenia.





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