Creative duo Teyosh imagines new vocabulary fabricated from contemporary online behaviours, which they explore in an interactive web of graphics and imagery.

When communicating people use all five senses, most of all, sight and hearing. Over ninety percent of all meaning is communicated non- verbally. But how does it work when we don’t see a person we are communicating with, as it happens in computer-mediated communication?

While communicating online people find themselves in entirely different situations and judge the behaviour of others by completely new parameters. The online condition asks for a new sign language and intuition we need to adopt in order to read and analyze internet-based communication. This project investigates and defines behaviors that are equivalent to body language in offline communication.

Building on by now popular terms such as “cyberbullying” and “selfie”, Dictionary of Online Behavior is an expanding inventory of social norms, habits and modes of expression that have emerged online. The dictionary offers essential tools to decode and to partake in the ongoing evolution of human behavior in the digital social sphere.

By defining and analyzing this newly emerged language we get a fresh perspective on our reality that consists both of offline and online lives intertwined. The project consists of the website which introduces new terms needed for communication in the world of social networks. Each term is presented through explanation, as well as animation. The concept of Dictionary is also presented in a short movie. All of the texts, the idea and concept, the movie, animations, programming, designing and the website in this project was entirely done by the creative duo TeYosh.



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TeYosh consists of Sofija Stanković (25) and Teodora Stojković(26). The duo started working together in 2010. In 2013 Sofija graduated in animation, while Teodora graduated a year earlier in graphic design and visual communications, both in Belgrade. Recently they graduated from Sandberg Institute(Gerrit Rietveld Academy) with a masters degree in Design. They currently live and work in Amsterdam. Their design is mostly based on clear, often provocative and humorous statements.

Their project DICTIONARY OF ONLINE BEHAVIOR gained a ot of attention after TeYosh’s solo exhibition in Belgrade(SRB) in January 2015 where they presented it for the first time. The exhibition also gained enormous media attention in Serbian prominent newspaper, TV and radio shows. At the moment DICTIONARY OF ONLINE BEHAVIOR is exhibited in MOTI, Museum of the Image, in Breda(NL) as a part of Planet Hype exhibition.

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