Gradients is a an audio-visual project that sets out to discover the correlation and dissonance between colour and sound, by interpreting gradients as musical mixes.

The Gradients mix is a series of 30 minute mixes that translate gradients of two colors into sound.

The collaborative series was created in order to explore the correlation and dissonance between visuals and audio. Kathy Lee, founder of the Gradient Project, found herself intrigued by the special relationship between these two creative fields and decided to focus on interpreting it through art.

“I started the Gradients Mix before I ever had the idea for the Gradients project. In a way, the mix series inspired me to create the Gradients project to further explore this idea of intersecting mediums and see how far it can expand into fields other than visual and aural art. I started by making a couple different gradients that I found visually captivating and showed them to friends that I knew were interested in sound.”

The process of translating color into sound varies from artist to artist. For example, when Su.b listens to music, the sound naturally evokes a color. It’s with these colors in mind that she went through her bank of music to lay out the playlist. DavisGalvin brought the gradient into Photoshop and divided it into 30 different sections to determine what each minute would sound like. Truant made his mix completely with records, and focused on how the genre of a track could be placed on the gradient he was working with.Alphonse/To Sleep At Night spent a day ruminating on the connotations the colors had for him; he then imagined a scenario that would move from the first set of concepts to the second and selected tracks that could act as a soundtrack for the given scenario.

This project is still ongoing and open for collaboration. Visual artists who are interested in curating a gradient as well as DJs and music enthusiasts who are interested in making a playlist or mix can contact Kathy to participate.
Find out more about The Gradients project here:

“The Gradients project was created to blend different creative platforms. Our philosophy is that nothing in life is black or white, but a gradient. We explore this concept through various intersections and collaborations between mediums including (not limited to) visual art, design, dance, film, music, architecture, food, computer science, and more..”


1. k r a e j i  and Su.b// Grey to Green


Yaeji (k r a e j i) – DJ
DJ. Producer. Designer. Artist. Founder of The Gradients.
Soundcloud | Instagram | Website

Su.B – Curator
Writer. UX Researcher
Soundcloud | Website | Instagram

2. Nathan // Electric Blue to Pink


Photographer. Graphic Designer. Director of Design at Alaya.


3. Alphonse // Green to Charcoal


Alphonse/To Sleep At Night

4. Davis Galvin // Blue-Grey to Turquoise



DJ. Producer.

5. Truant // Mint to Pastel Blue


DJ. Producer. Programmer.


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