Photography can act as a channel to ventilate morbid thoughts and funnel them through creativity. And for Alba, the relationship between art and emotion has been symbiotic.

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Alba Giertz is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. Her photography is deeply related to her own journey through the storms of life, acting as a tool for self discovery, emotional release and a means of finding substance in a world that at times can seem empty and vapid. In 2011-2015 she took a break from photography following a bout of delusion and depression, but in the summer of 2015 found her way back into the arts- this time choosing a narrower focus in the sub fine art scene. Here she found herself unapologetically free to express a darker, more sombre aesthetic. Photography can act as a channel to ventilate morbid thoughts and funnel them through creativity. And for Alba, the relationship between art and emotion has been symbiotic. With precise realism and through sharp observations she captures transient feelings, documenting them as imagery that is dreamy and dark, and filled with passionate mystery.

Alba Giertz started working as a photographer at the early age of 10 and had her first exhibition at 14. She studied photography at Kulturama in Stockholm and has worked in Paris and Cannes; mainly for the magazine La Parisienne. She also has a background in cinema photography, as head of photography at Nordisk Film, and has worked many years on different productions in Swedish television. You can find Alba’s spellbinding photography in the pages of Thisveryinstant, AYE MAG, Thentherewasus, Oftheafternoon… and of course on her own website and Instagram account.





Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset





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