Fran Rodríguez

We caught up with art director and collage artist Lacabezaenlasnubes, aka Fran Rodriquez, about the mind that lies behind his surreal and dreamy collages.

We caught up with art director and collage artist Lacabezaenlasnubes, aka Fran Rodriquez, about the mind that lies behind his surreal and dreamy collages.

 AC: What’s your most vivid memory?

FR: I have many vivid memories, My mind works in a very visual way so I hold on to extremely vivid scenes from throughout my life… but I’d say one of the oldest and most significant is of being dropped off at kindergarten at 3 or 4 years old, and looking through the window to see my mother waving at me. I remember all the the sadness on her face and in my heart so vividly, the way she was standing there on the balcony wearing her pijama, the clothes i was wearing that day, everything. I hated school with a passion those days, in the exact same way I hate any kind of authority now as an adult.

AC: Tell us about one of your recurring dreams. 

FR: I used to dream that I was flying across my hometown, while sitting on an old car tyre. It was a soft and fluid flight across the familiar streets of my childhood. On my journey i’d pause and stop outside the windows of girls I used to have crushes on, catching a sneak peek of their private domestic lives.


AC: What would your spirit animal be?

FR: A Vulture. I’ve always admired their elegant and lazy way of life, not trying too hard to do anything, getting food without a struggle, flying effortlessly through the warm air streams.

AC: If you could be lost in a fictional setting forever, which one would you choose?

FR: I’d love to get lost in Cicely, the Alaskan village from the 90’s tv show “Northern Exposure”. I’d be extremely happy living among those powerful people and surrounded by that gorgeous landscape.



AC: Which artist or thinker do you identify with the most? (and why?)

FR: Timothy Leary, i think he was one of the most lucid and beautiful humans of all time.

AC: Tell us about your favourite place in the world.

FR: My bed. I Can both sleep and travel the outer space lying on its soft surface.

AC: Which of the five senses is the most important to you?

I’d say sight and hearing, If you tell me to choose only one, I guess i’d stick to sight.  This world is too beautiful to live in the darkness.





  AC:  Tell us a secret. 

FR: When I was 18-19 years old I spent several months pretending to go to college when all I was doing was getting up early, going to the garage and spending hours sleeping in a sleeping bag, reading, and drawing. My parents still have no clue…though I guess they wouldn’t even care after all these years.

AC:  What’s your favourite painting or artwork in history?

FR: “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch

 AC: What is your biggest fear?

FR: Physical pain.



is Fran Rodriguez, a graphic designer from Cantabria (Spain), born in 1980, now living in Barcelona. In his early years he would get nervous about everything, untrust adults and dream a life where he wouldn’t have to wake up early. At the age of 20 when he realized his inabilities and faced up to the fact that he was only able to survive in a dignified and/or legal way by becoming a designer.

Since 2002 he has been working to live by and demonstrate the fact that beautiful things, carefree days and good music  rules the world.

With ample experience in Offline and Online Art Directing, animation, editing and video postproduction, Lacabezaenlasnubes makes himself  available for collaborative freelance project. During the past 10 years he has been working hand in hand with agencies as well as freelance for companies such as Prisa Group, “Acción Contra el Hambre”, Heineken, ING, HSBC and Lucky Strike amongst others.

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