Ewa Doroszenko

Ewa Doroszenko’s digital collage series, Collections of Interferences from the Hardangerfjord, draw on the affective and irrational side of our perception.

Collections of Interferences from the Hardangerfjord

Ewa Doroszenko’s prints are sparse, pared down, and confined to a black, white and grey monochromatism. The images in this particular series draw on the affective and irrational side of our perception, fossilizing in memory the place of their creation: an intersection between Ewa’s own mind and the physical location of her artistic residency. As a starting point, her collages trace back to photographic material from lifestyle magazines, painting albums and atlases. From here, digital graphics illustrate the flow of visual material: collecting, archiving, reproduction in the context of modern times. The title of the digital collages direct our attention to the interplay between the real and the imaginary: The “Collections of interferences from the Hardangerfjord”

These digital collages printed on archival paper were prepared during a month-long artist-in-residency at Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norway, 2015.

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Ewa Doroszenko (1983) – Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts, received her DFA degree from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. Her works encompass painting, photography and digital collage. Recipient of many scholarships and beneficiary of residency programs, she was nominated to STRABAG ArtAward International 2014, 11th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2015, and 7th INCUBARTE International Art Festival in Valencia 2015. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Ewa Doroszenko’s work is often directly related to the space it is exhibited or performed in: the paintings on canvas, although they could be perceived individually, are usually exhibited as part of a larger composition, stimulating an interaction between the elements.