Jessica Ashley Unknown

Jessica Ashley Unknown paints watercolour onto film negatives to produce a surreal, dreamlike effect.

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The first three images in this series are from a collaboration between Jessica Ashley Unknown and Tanya from @achieving_balance (model) and Adelaide from @zingara_blooms (stylist and florist). These photographs were all shot on film with either a Pentax Spotmatic or a Lomo LC-A+. To add a layer of texture, Jessica coated a blank negative with watercolour paint and scanned the two negatives (the image negative and the blank negative) on top of one another.
The aim was to recreate a painterly effect in her photography, giving the images a strong dream-like quality.

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Currently residing in Sydney, Jessica Ashley Unknown is an American-born film-based photography artist that brings her strange imagination to life through a plastic or vintage lens. Using film manipulation, multiple exposures, film scanning techniques and, lately, mixing other medium with her photos, she is able to create images that bring you into her daydreams, evoke feelings of nostalgia and prompt you to believe that there is more to this world than what we see. She is inspired by all things ethereal, unusual, imaginary and odd.

See more of her work can be found on her website, or on her Instagram.