The Fluidity of Happiness

 We Sailed For Days


Ben Ower’s work focuses on the fluidity of memory and the connection between nostalgic memories of pleasure. He sparks connections of former happiness by depicting long drives, relationships, travel and anecdotal moments, in very much the same way that a photo album glorifies fragments of the past.
This collection explores the private experiences that secretly make people happy, contrasting images of daily routines to escapist images of recreational leisure.
 How Long Since You’ve Had a Memorable Vacation? 3
Engineering Fluidity4
Congregation 6
 All The Things We Know

Ben Owers is an artist from London, UK who works with the medium of collage.
  His practice builds large scenes of flowing textures and narratives created from vintage magazines and modern day publications, often influenced by the idea of portraying a personality or social situation. All pieces are hand cut and pasted.
Available for commissions and collaborations.
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