Poems by Sharad Kalawar


The sea breeze welcomes. Memories dislodge one by one.

As we walk, the sidewalk greens wave. Tiles stand the test of time. Headlights beam, marking arcs of their path. Concrete teeth cordon off the road from the future-road. We jump a railing and perch on the large tooth, a balcony view of what’s left of Mahim creek. Our muscle memory finds us at the highest point of view, exactly like a decade ago. at the time when the first large industrial vehicles arrived here. From when the land expanded and the water receded. The skyline across grew at our amazement and the after-play cool-off brought its adolescent introspection. Couples kiss where our shaky learning tires tread.

The water screens a quivering reflection of the present. The sun sets, my eyes gleam over the empty fullness covering the city.

Hopes of the future fill the sounds between us. An almost skepticism of the passage of time lingers. excitement gushes, laughter reverberates.

We were children – hypnotised by the water, analysing the sky, deconstructing clouds.

Our space of self discovery is now a point on the road.

> > >


Something is new. Something might be wrong. Heart sinks, moves into the belly. Belly grumbles. Heart ignores. The mind is clouded in doubt. Maybe not doubt, not confusion, but a refusal to accept.

Finally an unknown.

Pain, peace and the decision between them reverberate in the sleep of cells. If time is absorbing the currents or layering them, one cant tell yet.

Pregnant pauses, awkward queries, surreptitious smiles.

Toe blistered, lips bit, fingers crossed.

That smile is pending. That hug is due. The speculation is superfluous.

. . .

Sharad Kalawar is an independent filmmaker from Bombay.
Blending an eye for analog simplicity, an ear for digital rhythm, and an honesty to urban emotion, he enjoys both independent and commercial collaborations and thrives on creative and logistic challenges.

Check out his advertising and commercial video work here.

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