Issue II | Secret

June 2015 | In this issue we brought together artists that dealt with interiority, intimacy, marginality, or enigma.

With this issue our aim was to bring together a variety of artists that either loosely or directly addressed the theme of “SECRETS”

We were interested in works that dealt with interiority, intimacy, marginality, or enigma. Works that in some way uncovered a mode of being that was ordinarily hidden from every day life.

From here, our collaborating artists approached the topic in very different ways. Some shed light on secret spaces. Some revealed the self, or the subconscious, as a mystery that could be explored visually through images. Others aimed to celebrate people and lifestyles that are otherwise cloistered from the public gaze.

Punctuating the individual features are confessions sent in from followers around the world. These pieces are published anonymously, and will remain the little secrets of those who submitted them.

Read the full issue HERE.

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Cover Image by Michael Wall

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