Hong Kong: Urban Labyrinths

Daniel Greer’s photography explores the dichotomy of natural and man made landscapes with the intent of revealing the power structures in modern society.

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“Hong Kong is a beautifully chaotic urban landscape littered with a sea of pastel towers forty stories tall, infinitely partitioning the volume of a tropical island the size of Manhattan.  Even with such a vertical presence, the streets, alleys, and underground metro exist as the sole means of navigation through the labyrinth of skyscrapers.  As a photographer, these twists and turns are what makes shooting here so magical.  It’s kind of ironic but its only when the alleys become tighter that these public spaces become intimate, private places and the city truly unfolds in front of you.”

– Daniel Greer, Fine Artist.
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Daniel is a Brooklyn based fine artist working primarily in photography, paper, and multimedia collage.  He received a degree in Film from Fairfield University  which stressed storytelling as the foundation of all art but also fostered the technical and theoretical functions of the camera.  After graduating he trained with Michael Weber, an international architectural photographer, developing strong compositional, spatial, and lighting skills over the course of four years.  During this time Daniel travelled to over 30 cities around the world which would not only dictate his subject matter but how he related with the world around him, using the camera as a bridge between what he was experiencing physically and emotionally.  Daniel is an original member of the Brooklyn Collage Collective (c.2013) which has recently driven his work away from the camera towards fully analog processes  to create paper and multimedia works.

My work explores the dichotomy of natural and man made landscapes with the intent of revealing the latent power structures shaping modern society.  I utilize the same processes, aesthetics, and mediums of mass communications in an attempt to subvert the harmful messages of consumption and self-interest. My intention is to develop a sense of community through active conversations of complex and controversial topics which Mass Media tends to polarize into convenient directional arguments of right versus wrong, this versus that, yes versus no.  By doing so I hope to reshape the ways we experience and understand Mass Culture.

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