Inlands is the area that lies on the opposite of the horizon; it’s the land the lies inside us.

The images in this series explore the landscape through small individual fragments, each one of them describing a state of transformation. Those miniature scenes are approached as if they were completely independent existences, released from their actual surrounding space and identity. Thus, they can be openly interpreted, as bearers of symbols and equivalents.

Every landscape can be decomposed into an infinite number of minor ones, progressively increasing their introversion, as their actual nature seems to be replaced by a more abstract one.

When we abandon our perception that is based on knowledge and familiarity we find ourselves disorientated, trying to rely only on our senses. The narrative of the project is based on this disorientation. The images try to examine the limits of a landscape, moving inwards, in a process that looks both perpetual and enchanted. The interpretation of the images as individual fragments remains open, but at the same time it aims to maintain a certain obscurity. This is the second element of the series’ narrative, the Mystique, an unenforceable transformation that takes place beneath the surface of things.

Inlands is the area that lies on the opposite of the horizon; it’s the land that lies inside us.

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As the mermaids willingly
June. 2012
The void above
August. 2012


Dearest valleys
May. 2012
And lull the crickets off to sleep
October. 2012
But it defines the night
December. 2012


In some gardens while asleep
September. 2012


Nevertheless the sky and such
June. 2012 inlands13
Some bodies when tremble
September. 2012inlands14
The stars suddenly
May. 2012
But nights are pending
September. 2012

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Petros’ work was also recently published by Black Mountain Books. You can view/purchase a copy here.

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